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About SMSG

What we do:

The South Melbourne Sustainability Group is for the community that lives in and around the South Melbourne area. We offer support to the local community involved in both public and private community gardens and educational events about sustainable living.

Some of the gardens we assist the local community with include:

  • Foundry Park Community Garden

  • HH Skinner Reserve Community Garden

  • Lyell Iffla Reserve Community Garden

  • Centenary Reserve Community Garden

We help run regular working bee events where local volunteers maintain the gardens, bury bokashi and get together to learn about what we're growing. Head over to the events page to sign up and come along.


How we got started:

SMSG was incorporated in early 2020 in conjunction with Port Phillip Council's Love My Place programme to capitalise on the increasing community interest in sustainability, composting and edible gardening and to expand on the successful work that

the local community had been carrying out at Foundry Park for several years.  


The group first ran Working Bees in Foundry Park in early 2018, composting

over 700kgs of Bokashi compost. This grew to 1,400kgs in 2019 and to a

whopping 4,200kgs in 2020!


In addition to Bokashi composting, the group assists the local community with over 30 publicly accessible Worm Farms that compost an additional 1,500kgs of kitchen waste per year and collect coffee grounds from many local cafes in South Melbourne, diverting about 750kgs of coffee annually from landfill.

Our latest projects:

In 2020, in response to growing demand from the local community, we commenced assisting the local community in restoring the Community Garden at Lyell Iffla Reserve. With SMSG's help, the local residents have returned these gardens to productive status, composting literally tons of Bokashi Compost and coffee grounds from local cafes, and installing ten worm towers for fresh fruit and vegetable scraps.


We also began assisting the local community to restore the garden beds at the southern end of

Centenary Reserve Community Garden in Port Melbourne.

Both of these gardens are now welcoming local gardeners to get involved.

At Foundry Park, we were recently able to replace some of the wicking beds which had started to leak and break down, with help from a grant and with beds supplied and installed by Very Edible Gardens. You can now see the new beds in place when you walk through Foundry.


The SMSG Committee:

The South Melbourne Sustainability Group has a committee of 10 members. If you are interested in becoming a committee member, please get in touch.


We are currently looking to fill roles on the committee to assist with:

  • Marketing

  • Social Media

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